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What Is a 5 in 1 Tool a Painter Uses?

A 5 in 1 tool serves as an all-purpose tool for a painter. It doubles as a scraper, spreader, paint remover, putty knife, and crack repainted. It is a relatively cheap and simple tool, yet it is indispensable when it comes to painting a home.

The main benefit of this particular tool is it is able to fit into the pocket of the professional. Even though all the tools that this represents are also small, for a painting contractor to carry all these tools can be awkward and inconvenient. Which makes this combination tool an excellent alternative.

Local Painter Marlborough, MAThis 5 in 1 tool can be created out of metal, wood or plastic. The metal ones are considered to be of higher quality and much more durable than ones made of wood or plastic. Metal ones are easier to clean than wooden ones. Because of its numerous benefits, the metal tool is more expensive than ones of other materials. However, it can still be bought relatively cheap.

It comes with a long and easy to hold handle; teeth similar to a comb, are on one side. This part will be used to spread the paint. On the other side is a semi-circle which is used for running on a roller; this will remove any excess paint.

At the opposite end of the handle is a flat edge that points in the same direction as the teeth do. This serves as a scraper and a putty knife. This means painters will be able to spread the likes of glue, paint, putty or anything else when necessary. The point is used to open up cracks which need patching.

Other useful tools professionals use are the standard paintbrushes, rollers, ladders, and painters tape.

The painters’ tape is used to create the likes of straight lines, or when painting walls, it is used to stop paint from splashing onto ceilings.

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